Hormone-Related Mood Issues

PCOS, PMDD, Endometriosis……

Sometimes our hormones decide that they don’t wish to cooperate with us and we are left with figuring how to manage our day to day without falling apart. Women often struggle with menstrual-related issues for YEARS without a firm diagnosis and then are left with more questions than an acronym can give them.

Therapy can’t make your periods regular or fertility be normal but it can help the mood issues and the overall chaos going on day to day. We unpack what feels like neverending bullshit and find ways to cope in healthy ways.  


Find a plan to manage the effects hormone issues can have on mood, energy, and overall management of life

Mood Swings

Everyday can feel like a rollercoaster of emotions

Irritability, sadness, excessive worry, racing thoughts, fatigue, and issues sleeping seem to follow you throughout your day and can catch you off guard. Not knowing how to manage the mood swings can leave you feel exhausted and tired of trying.

Overwhelming Stress

Feeling like you will never be good enough or achieve your dreams

You are feeling forever behind and craving control over your day. You keep finding yourself sneaking food, shopping more, needing another glass of wine…. but it never fulfills the emptiness you are feeling.

Low Self-Esteem

Longing to be comfortable in your skin

You just want to feel like a healthy normal woman, but everyday feels like your body is betraying you more and more. If fertility is an issue then the pain and grief can become too much to carry throughout the day. 

Common Maladaptive Coping Mechanisms with Women

You are stressed out at work and find it hard to shut it all down when you go to sleep. You notice that drinking a few drinks does the trick….. except when you wake up you have a headache, and the stress is still there. Or you find yourself overeating in your car in between meetings to make yourself feel better which works while you are eating but then you feel guilty and shameful for eating so much. The coping strategy gets rid of the trigger or stressor for that moment but will come with adverse side effects and often unforeseen consequences.  

This all becomes very problematic when it impacts your functioning such unable to concentrate at work, no energy to play with your kids, preoccupation with the coping strategy, or it becomes ineffective all together in helping. Below are some common categories of maladaptive coping skills.

Recognition-seeking or Status-seeking: Overcompensates through impressing, high achievement, status, attention-seeking, etc.

Excessive Orderliness, Obsessionality: Maintains strict order, tight self-control, or a high level of predictability through order & planning, excessive adherence to routine or ritual, or extreme caution. Devotes extreme amounts of time to find the best way to accomplish tasks or avoid adverse outcomes.

Compliance, Dependence: Relies on others, gives in, seeks affiliation, passive, dependent, submissive, clinging, avoids conflict, people-pleasing.

Addictive Self-Soothing: Avoids by using addictions involving the body, such as alcohol, drugs, overeating, excessive masturbation, etc.





Psychological Withdrawal: Copes through dissociation, numbness, denial, fantasy, or other internal forms of mental escape

Social withdrawal, Excessive autonomy: Copes through social isolation, disconnection, and removal. May demonstrate an exaggerated focus on independence and self-reliance, rather than involvement with others. Sometimes retreats through private activities such as excessive tv watching, reading, recreational computing, or solitary work.

Compulsive Stimulation-seeking: Seeks excitement or distraction through compulsive shopping, sex, gambling, risk-taking, physical activity, novelty, etc.

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