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Mental Health Services for Women

Life is too short for shitty coping skills and half-assed dreams.

Sound Familiar?

You have achieved so much in your life and yet you feel like it isn’t enough. It is never enough….

Imposter syndrome creeps in at night and the countdown to when someone finally realizes “you are a fraud” seems ever looming.

You go nonstop. Every day feels like a marathon of deadlines and to-do lists.

On the outside, you are pulled together but on the inside, you are about to come undone.

You don’t even know what you want in life but the chaos in your head has to stop!

Let’s Get Started

Let’s get you back in control of your life once and for all……

Get in touch with your values and dreams so your goals become crystal clear

Feel empowered, purposeful and excited about your life

Learn how to set healthy boundaries in your relationships so you can get what you want and feel fulfilled

Get clarity on what’s keeping you stuck so you can make choices that are right for you

Recognize the thoughts that contribute to negative feelings and learn to change them

Learn healthier coping strategies that help with the stress, anxiety, and self esteem

Develop routines that help you remain focused, goal driven, and balanced

About Resurgence Counseling Center

At Resurgence Counseling Center, it is our mission to empower and nurture women right where they are and in all the chaos of their life to achieve balance, intention, and purpose for both their professional and personal life. 

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