remaining calm in chaos

It’s easy to lose sight of what was once normalcy when there is panic everywhere you turn. Finding positivity and sticking to routines are essential to remaining calm in chaos. Anxiety and emotions can run rampant as they are fed by others’ fears and gossip across social media platforms. Continue reading for some tips on surviving with sanity intact.

1. Shut it down and turn it off. Stepping away from technology, especially news and social media, will allow you to return to a comfortable routine more easily. I am not suggesting you ignore all updates on the current state, but if you can pull yourself away and limit time spent on these things, you can prevent anxiety from taking the driver’s seat.

2. Make therapy a part of your routine. More therapy providers are offering telehealth than ever before. Your peace of mind doesn’t have to suffer because you can’t make it into the office. You can do this from the comfort of your quarantine quarters. We don’t care if you’ve combed your hair! We simply want you to feel your best.

remaining calm in chaos

3. Get some fresh air. You can manage this while continuing to obey the social distancing rule of six feet. Take a walk through your neighborhood or on a local trail. Use the opportunity to get back in touch with nature. Vitamin D and fresh air could be the boost you need for remaining calm in chaos.

4. Revisit your favorite indoor activities. Read a book, play some board games, do popcorn and a movie, or do some arts and crafts. Change your perspective about being forced to stay in your home. Make it into an event.

remaining calm in chaos

5. Tackle some to-do items. Have you been putting off cleaning the inside of your oven or fridge? Never able to find the time for deep cleaning? Perfect timing. It is Spring, after all! Have kids at home that are bored with the quarantine? Enlist them to help….but remember to make it fun!

6. Focus on your spiritual growth. It’s the perfect time for prayer or meditation. There are lots of options that don’t require the crowds of yoga studios or churches, including apps such as “Yoga for Beginners: Down Dog” by the Yoga Buddhi Co., which is free during COVID-19. It offers various levels of yoga for beginners.

We don’t have to stop living when faced with a pandemic…or even a winter storm, for that matter. We simply have to adjust our lives and the activities we engage in as well as change our perspectives about the current state of things. We will get through this together, remaining calm in chaos.