mid-January slump

Well, we’ve reached mid-month. How’s the resolution front looking at this point? For many of us, this is where the mid-January slump ensues. We gave it everything that first few weeks, and now we’re hitting bumps in the road. It happens to even the most committed person. However, there are ways to kickstart your motivation….or restart it.

1. Make some adjustments. Did you aim for a target that is too far in the distance? Create some mini goals, steps on a ladder, if you will. You can’t get to the top rung on the ladder without carefully climbing those below it. Skip the steps and you’ll fall on your face. Achieving small goals, and giving yourself recognition for each, will serve as great motivation. We are human, we need gratification….as quickly as possible. You don’t have to completely redo your resolution. Think of it as a trip. You choose the destination first and then you choose the route and pit stops along the way. Also, taking a wrong turn doesn’t end the trip.

2. Reward yourself. It’s important to celebrate each step of the journey and it’s okay, great, actually, to do that for yourself. Rewarding yourself can boost confidence and improve self-worth. Recognize each milestone (chosen by you, of course) and do something nice for yourself. You deserve it and you’re worth it.

3. Be your own cheerleader. Don’t depend on others to cheer you on. Encourage yourself every day. If journaling is your thing, set aside some time to write in it. Leave yourself encouraging notes where you know you’ll see them. And prohibit the negative self-talk.

mid-January slump

4. Change your focus. Instead of placing the focus on the end goal, focus on changing a specific habit. For example, rather than “I will lose 30 pounds by Spring,” try “I will stop parking close to the store” or “I will stop eating bread with every meal.” These are smaller, simpler adjustments that lead to big changes. When you’ve adjusted your focus, ramp up to power through that mid-January slump.

5. Give yourself permission. Allot a set amount of time to take a breather, enjoy it, then collect yourself and get back to it. We often hear that a cheat meal is great for jumpstarting weight loss when the dreaded plateau has been reached. Apply that to your situation. If finances are your resolution, spend a day banishing that accountant alter ego from your mind….just make sure you don’t fire her, because you will need her later! 

If New Year’s resolutions are too much pressure for you, change it up. Start in February or start in the middle of the week. It’s always a good time to improve ourselves. At any rate, don’t let the mid-January slump keep you from reaching your goals. Detours often lead to the greatest destinations.