Oh, the negative self-talk….most of us are partakers on the regular. It becomes second nature in our keep-up-with-the-Joneses and look-your-best-everyday society we live in. Most of us deal with feelings of inadequacy daily and this damaging rhetoric only deteriorates the remainder of our self-esteem. At times, it’s difficult to contain it within the borders of our conscience and we will say hurtful things to ourselves aloud, such as saying “real smart” when we see we’ve made a mistake. With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season approaching, it’s important to show yourself some appreciation. Use the following tips for inspiration.

1. Take yourself “out” to the movies. The theatre isn’t just for couples and families. If you prefer to watch certain movies with family or friends, choose something you find everyone else scoffing at when you mention your interest in seeing it. While you’re at it, have some popcorn and a soda if it’s within your budget. Pausing in the midst of your holiday shopping and to-do list to treat yourself will make you feel valued.

2. Make an event of pampering yourself. This doesn’t mean you have to visit an expensive spa or massage parlor. Grab a bath bomb or some bubble bath and a relaxing facial mask and soak your frustrations away. Wrap up in your robe and curl up in bed with some extra pillows and your favorite movies (even the cheesy holiday movies, if that’s your bag). You will feel invigorated!

3. Need an escape from the chaos and can’t afford a vacation? Rely on an enthralling book or podcast to whisk you away from the madness. Have a cup of coffee or hot cocoa and enjoy the journey from the comfort of your fuzzy throw-laden couch.

4. Write in a journal to remind yourself of your accomplishments each week, or everyday if you have the time. Better yet, write yourself notes of appreciation and leave them in places you will see them. You may have to explain yourself to others in the household, but who cares? Encourage them to do the same! For examples of self-appreciation notes, check out this quick read.

5. Make your favorite meal or dessert. If you’re constantly trying to satisfy the likes and dislikes of others in the household, or if you live alone and eat from the microwave regularly, spend some time cooking your favorite. Or, if not cooking at all sounds like the better option, have everyone fend for themselves and have a pint of ice cream or enjoy a snack you don’t have often. Show yourself some appreciation, even if it comes with calories.

6. Find a local park with a tree-lined trail and rediscover nature. This time of year is great for savoring the sound of crunching leaves beneath your feet. Pace yourself and don’t focus on calorie-burning. The intention here is peace of mind and your deserve to gift yourself with that.

7. Get away from the office for lunch. Staying at your desk, where you’re more likely to continue working while you eat, isn’t good for your morale. Even if you sit in your car and listen to your favorite music or talk radio, it can recharge your battery and enable you to face the remainder of your workday. Taking a short nap is also a viable option, just be sure you set an alarm. 

Show yourself appreciation. It’s just as important as showing others gratitude. We make it a point to thank our hosts and hostesses, don’t we deserve the same? You are your caretaker and that’s a powerful position to be in. Be grateful for it.

Please comment below sharing your favorite way to show yourself appreciation.