Do you sometimes feel ashamed of your outlook on your own life? Do you complain as soon as you raise yourself out of bed each morning or find you lose count of the complaints you’ve had by the time you make it out the door? Whether it’s the toothpaste on your shirt or a bad hair day, you’re not alone in your despair. We all leave the house angry and frustrated some days, only to arrive at work or to turn on the radio in the car and hear about someone who is struggling so much more, perhaps just to survive. And, feeling foolish quickly ensues….along with the guilt. Practice these gratitude mindfulness tips and you’ll be on your way to an improved sense of self, one that is more content and confident.

1. Make a conscious effort to say something positive upon waking each morning. Put a reminder on your mirror until you get into the habit.

2. Look in the mirror each morning and identify something you like about yourself. It doesn’t need to be related to beauty, but saying it or thinking it while facing yourself proves you mean business.

3.  Start a gratitude journal. Write one thing or several things you are grateful for. It is easiest to keep the habit if it’s done daily, but write in it when you feel compelled to. Review the pages when you are having a difficult time finding anything to be grateful for.

4. Anytime a complaint enters your mind, identify at least one way it could be worse.

5. Make a game of seeing how long you can abstain from complaining or negative comments. Or, count your complaints within a particular time frame. This may be the motivation you need.

6. Thank yourself and those around you. It’s that simple. Saying “thank you” is the easiest way to practice gratitude mindfulness and it feels great, especially when we say it to ourselves.

7. Show someone the appreciation you feel for them. Something as simple as a handwritten note or their favorite candy bar could make someone’s day and seeing them smile will make yours.

8. When you reflect upon past mistakes or struggles, identify wisdom you gained as a result or somewhere positive it led you.

9. Focus on others instead of yourself. If you feel engulfed by your own problems, help someone or simply lend them an ear. However, remember to maintain boundaries.

10. Stop comparing your “things” to those that others have. Focus on the value of the things in your own life, particularly those that aren’t monetary or material.

The time it takes to adopt a new habit can vary for each individual but, on average, it’s believed to take around two months. Get started gratitude mindfulness now and you’ll be on your way to becoming the grateful individual you want to be. Warning: it’s contagious!

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