Meet Dr. Monica Himes, Resurgence Counseling Center’s newest therapist. Don’t let the “Dr.” in front of her name intimidate you. Monica is a bluegrass-born-and-raised gal who enjoys the simple things in life like football, friends, and family. She also happens to have a passion for helping others find direction in their own lives.

Her Favorites and Not-so-favorites

When not in the office, you might find Monica engaging in a variety of self-care activities. Back-porch sitting, drinking coffee, napping in the hammock, and painting are just a few of the favorites on her list, though any beach with soft sand and blue water is quickly bumped to the top.

Monica also feels that laughing is important, so spending quality time with family and friends doing just that is common practice. She enjoys getting her dose of “the best medicine” watching comedies and stand-up comedians as well. Things get more serious, however, when the Packers or Wildcats are playing football. Music and reading are also keys to her happiness. She tunes in to anything from Chris Stapleton to Pink to Lauren Daigle. A couple of her most recent favorite reads are “The Sun Does Shine”  and “Dare to Lead.”

Monica admits that she is a “work-in-progress” when it comes to exercise. “I hate it,” she shares, “every single second. I try to work out a few times a week but I usually find excuses not to.” I think this is something with which many of us can identify. It is easy to relate to her love of pizza, Mexican cuisine, and fettuccine alfredo….three reasons I need to visit the gym in the first place.

Her Inspiration

So, what motivates and inspires Dr. Himes as a therapist? She says it best. “The most rewarding part of my career is getting to walk with people as they make changes in their lives that lead them to be happier, healthier, and more fulfilled — to see people find that spark again, to fall in love again, to come out of a dark place, to find their purpose and passion again,” she explains. “They do all the real work….my job is to challenge and encourage them with acceptance and support.” Even the Green Bay Packers don’t get that kind of support from the sideline. If you have come to a turning point in your life and find you need a cheerleader, please reach out to schedule with Dr. Monica Himes. She enjoys working with individuals and couples seeking services related to substance abuse, mental health, relationship issues, and life transitions, and she is currently accepting new clients.