Anxiety & Stress Management Treatment for Professional Women

Life is too short for shitty coping skills and half-assed dreams

Anxiety Issues

Irritability, excessive worry, racing thoughts, fatigue, and issues sleeping seem to follow you throughout life.

Overwhelming Stress

A little stress is good for you but you are finding yourself feeling forever behind, craving control over your day, and needing your calendar to stop giving you a panic attack.

Low Self-Esteem

You put on a brilliant smile and go through life achieving and excelling in whatever you put your mind to, but deep down you feel like a fraud and are terrified someone will find out how little you think of yourself.

Learn To Manage Your Life Without Sacrificing What You Want

You are tired of struggling with feeling anxious, overwhelmed, and stressed all of the time. Attempting to balance family, work, and your own self-care is too much and tends to end with you feeling worse about yourself and how you can’t get it together.  Shame and guilt keep you stationary in where you are and if you had to admit that things were not where you wanted you might actually crumble….. 

How I can Help

Here at Resurgence, the goal is to help you right where you are and in all the chaos of your beautiful life to find balance, intention, and purpose.

You don’t want or need someone to save you but you are looking for help. Together we come up with a road map to get you to your goals with adequate skills to use along the way.  

Anxiety Management

Finding ways to cope both effectively and without compromising your overall health can be tricky but not impossible. Symptom management begins with finding the areas of your life that anxiety is present. Then finding ways to eliminate or manage the symptoms depending on your lifestyle and preferences.  

Stress Management

If you are like most women you have more to-dos and less time in your day. We can work on finding margin in your days and helping you take back your hours that feel lost to chaos daily. 

Self-Care Planning

Did you eye roll when you read self-care? I love spas and pedicures but that is not what I am talking about here. I am talking about actually nurturing yourself so you continue to grow as a human being. I am talking about finding ways to present your best self to those you love. Taking care of yourself IS taking care of your family, community, and career. We find a way to make it work for you. 

Addictions & Unhelpful Habits

Sometimes we find things in this world that are great at taking care of negative feelings (alcohol, food, sex, shopping…) but long-term can cause health or other negative issues. When you are ready to make different choices for yourself then we can find the skills and education you need to be successful. 

Finding a Balance Can Be Hard, But You Don’t Have To Do It Alone

Developing new coping skills and processing through life stressors are both effective in helping you identify how you wish to live and making the plan for it. Therapy is a safe place for developing and discuss this plan with a qualified professional trained in effective therapy techniques such as cognitive behavior, dialectical behavior, and motivational interviewing. 

About Jenn

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Licensed Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselor

I am the owner and therapist for Resurgence Counseling Center, LLC (RCC). I am originally from Paducah, KY and moved to the Lexington area to pursue a college education. While in college I ran into some detours that helped bring me into social work and for that I will forever be grateful. Seeing others begin to believe in their dreams is what brings my life energy.

  • I have a deep love for comfy clothing and aim to be as comfortable as possible all day long. 
  • I find that I do my best work with clients who love to laugh and enjoy a professional level of sarcasm….or maybe just sarcasm in general
  • I am a graduate of University of Louisville and Eastern Kentucky University
  • I began RCC to work with women struggling with inadequate coping skills to navigate and achieve their goals. 

My Approach

I embody a strength-based approach and have been trained in a variety of techniques and theories and use these to help identify what you would like to change in your life, the motivation fueling the change, and the plan we will use to achieve these changes. If you would like further explanation into my training please let me know! 

My Beliefs

  • I believe that individuals can recover from what has historically held them back
  • I believe that you are the expert of your life 
  • I believe that you are intended to do glorious things with your life
  • I believe in my code of ethics
  • I believe in the power of the human spirit to overcome the unthinkable
  • I believe that you have the absolute right to choose your goals and be explained the treatment plan to get you there

Who I Best Serve

I love to work with individuals who are ready to feel better and don’t mind a therapist who will roll up her sleeves and get in the trenches with them. Think of me as your tour guide and your treatment plan as the map. 

Common Maladaptive Coping Mechanisms with Women

You are stressed out at work and find it hard to shut it all down when you go to sleep. You notice that drinking a few drinks does the trick….. except when you wake up you have a headache, and the stress is still there. Or you find yourself overeating in your car in between meetings to make yourself feel better which works while you are eating but then you feel guilty and shameful for eating so much. The coping strategy gets rid of the trigger or stressor for that moment but will come with adverse side effects and often unforeseen consequences.  

This all becomes very problematic when it impacts your functioning such unable to concentrate at work, no energy to play with your kids, preoccupation with the coping strategy, or it becomes ineffective all together in helping. Below are some common categories of maladaptive coping skills.

Recognition-seeking or Status-seeking: Overcompensates through impressing, high achievement, status, attention-seeking, etc.

Excessive Orderliness, Obsessionality: Maintains strict order, tight self-control, or a high level of predictability through order & planning, excessive adherence to routine or ritual, or extreme caution. Devotes extreme amounts of time to find the best way to accomplish tasks or avoid adverse outcomes.

Compliance, Dependence: Relies on others, gives in, seeks affiliation, passive, dependent, submissive, clinging, avoids conflict, people-pleasing.

Addictive Self-Soothing: Avoids by using addictions involving the body, such as alcohol, drugs, overeating, excessive masturbation, etc.





Psychological Withdrawal: Copes through dissociation, numbness, denial, fantasy, or other internal forms of mental escape

Social withdrawal, Excessive autonomy: Copes through social isolation, disconnection, and removal. May demonstrate an exaggerated focus on independence and self-reliance, rather than involvement with others. Sometimes retreats through private activities such as excessive tv watching, reading, recreational computing, or solitary work.

Compulsive Stimulation-seeking: Seeks excitement or distraction through compulsive shopping, sex, gambling, risk-taking, physical activity, novelty, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to message me if you have further questions about services

What are your office hours?

I am open by appointment only, but I schedule from 10 am-8 pm most days depending on your needs. I also offer teletherapy in earlier and later appointment slots to accommodate different work schedules. 

Do I have to tell you everything in therapy?

You can share whatever you want in your own time. I have tissues, and you are free to express your emotions in whatever form you find natural and helpful. My job is not to judge but to help and guide.

Is our work confidential?

Yes, unless you tell me you are going to hurt yourself, you are going to hurt someone else, or someone is hurting you. There are also limits to confidentiality if you are using insurance benefits. I will go over this in the very beginning of the first session in greater detail before we talk about anything else. 

Are you licensed?

Yes, I am licensed by the Kentucky Board of Social Work as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), and I am licensed by the Kentucky Board of Alcohol and Drug Counselors as a Licensed Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselor (LCADC)

What age ranges do you work with most of the time?

I prefer to see over the age of 18, but have experience working with under 18. 

What can I expect in the first session?

The first visit is a chance for you to explain and talk about everything that has brought you into my office. You may speak as little or as much as you feel comfortable. I ask a lot more questions than in a typical session so that I can try to help identify what is going on and how I can help.  I also have some super comfy seating, coffee/tea/water, and an hour blocked out to hear everything you want to tell me about struggles, accomplishments, and dreams for the future. 

Contact Jenn

Ask a question below. For emergencies call 911 or visit your nearest hospital


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